We are delighted to invite YOU to 

The Summer Festival of LOVE

The Third annual European Integral Wisdom Conference on

Love, Eros and Enlightenment

Each morning we’ll study and practice with Dr. Marc Gafni the unique way in wich you are a Masculine/Feminine bi-gender being.

In the afternoon a stunning group of teachers and leaders are geared to deepen and integrate. You can choose: ‘Intimacy and Eros’, ‘Evolutionary Leadership’, ‘Unique Self and Outrageous Love’, ‘Circling’ (integral relating), breath work, Art & Expression and much more. You can also opt for an individual session, a massage, a dip in the hot tub or a walk on our beautiful estate.

In the evening there will be music, dance and special gatherings. For our younger guests there is a special program, so you can bring your kids.

Venwoude Festival of Love

Venwoude Festival of Love

Venwoude Festival of Love

Venwoude Festival of Love

Testimonials 2014

Last summer, I walked into the last two days of the Festival of Love at Venwoude, and it felt like entering my own heart, the heart of every one there, and the heart of the place itself, at the same time.
Imagine, 150 people gathered on sacred grounds, all dedicated to showing up each moment of each day with their heart wide open to each other Imagine a full week of engaging in the evolution of Love as an I/WE/IT practice of every moment – under the guidance of a Master of Heart transmission – Dr Marc Gafni. That’s why I am returning this summer and for the whole week this time. I want to be there the first European Integral Wisdom conference on Love, Eros and Enlightenment! Wholeheartedly so. With everyone.

Claire Molinard Integral Coaching, Paris

My mind gets nourished, my heart gets nourished and there is such a deep holding. This gives me a deep feeling of centering, I obviously take my place into that what is really important!

Ine Boermans Projectmanager innovative integral education care and well being

I am so totally looking forward to this Festival of Love. The First two years (on the Evolution of Love and reclaiming Eros) have been deepening so much of my understanding on these crucial and important aspects of life. The combination of great teaching, the dedicated space to exercise that what is offered and the wonderful group of practitioners, blended together in this playful field of love and nature is the most supportive environment I can give myself for a powerful next step in my unfolding.

Marleen Development Aid Worker, Msc

I’m more and more aware of the fact, that I am the difference. That I can make a difference. Is not that I have to. But it is essential that I give my Unique Essence and my Unique Self. In this world, right here, right now!

Mark managing director, Phd

Are you ready to play a larger game? Join us

You will discover you are part of a large field of dedicated practitioners, a loving field of holding and support, co-creating the beginning of YOU of US playing the larger game that all of reality needs us to play. That YOUR deepest inner yearning and longing desires you to play!



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Online courses Mystery School of Love

P1030315-300x225The Mystery School is an esoteric mystery school dedicated to deep consideration, inquiry and practice on the leading edge of human evolution and development.The Mystery School hosts weekends and the annual Summer Festival of Love. To make these Teachings available for a larger audience we have made different online courses. The list continues to grow every year.

Loving your way to Enlightenment

This online course was recorded during the annual Summer Festival of Love in 2012.

Reclaiming Eros


This online course coming soon.